Board Products

  Is a high-density, smooth surface particle board. Chipboard is very versatile, as it is non-directional in grain. Further it is stress free and extremely stable.  
Melamine plain and colours:
  Is a high quality melamine-faced board. It comprises a single layer of melamine-impregnated decorative paper. The pre-finished surface is dimensionally stable, easy to clean, hard wearing, heat-, stain- and scratch resistant & available in many colours.  
Supawood MDF:
  Is a superior quality MDF (Medium Density Fibre board) of unique strength & stability, made up of fine wood-fibres mixed with synthetic resin & bonded under heat & pressure to produce a quality versatile board.  
  Double faced veneers are bonded on both sides with genuine exotic wood veneer, Whereas single faced veneers are bonded one side with genuine exotic wood veneer whilst the reverse side is bonded with commercial grade okoume veneer or a balancing paper backing.  
  A genuine exotic wood veneered panel product, formed by the cross bonding of layers of timber veneer.  
Pine Plywood:
  The construction of pine plywood results in a material that is stronger than its component parts & more stable in all directions. Bonded with a class 1 adhesive & is available in different grades suitable for both interior & exterior applications.  
Marine Plywood:
  Manufactured from selected Okoume & other tropical hardwoods, the veneer is bonded with phenolic adhesive for water resistance & strength.  
  Thin medium density fibre board with a smooth finish on one side.  
Wrap Doors:

Our wrap is made up of the highest quality vinyl, pressed onto a high quality supawood (MDF) board. Various profiles, both modern & traditional styles are available as well as a wide range of colours and sizes.

Laminate Tops:

This is a high pressured decorative laminate work top, engineered to provide optimum performance & aesthetic appeal, scratch, heat & impact resistant. Available in a wide range of colours.

Laminated Flooring:

This is a fused product with an attractive resinated decorative film into a practically abrasion-proof, hardwearing surface. Laminate consists of at least four layers which ensure the extraordinary durability, stability & unique quality.

Foil Boards:

Foil Boards are used mainly by the coffin- and low budget furniture manufactures. A wide range of wood grains is readily available. All the Foil boards are A-grade and come directly from one of South Africa’s main Foil board suppliers in South Africa.

Unlike most timber companies we can supply small or large quantities of Foil board with excellent service. Africa Timer marketing must be contacted for the various sizes and colours available.